You just don’t expect to see devastation at the Jersey shore. The Jersey shore is where you go to get away from it all. Like the song says “Down the Shore, everything’s all right, you and your baby on a Saturday night…."  Well nothing in this whole wide world could have prepared us for what we’re dealing with now at our Jersey shore.

Aerial view of damage to the Jersey Shore from Sandy (Tim Larsen, Governor's Office)


I look at the pictures and it’s like watching those late night infomercials about sending money to a foreign country. This isn’t supposed to be Manasquan, or Seaside Heights, or Brick.

I watch the Saturday Night Live spoof about Governor Christie and seeing the Jersey attitude parodied makes me feel good because this is what we’re all about.  I watched last Monday as Governor Christie came in here in the middle of the storm after touring the state with a bad cold. I saw the pain on his face as he spoke to us and then to you with no script, just right from the heart.

I then heard your heart pouring out all week as we talked about what we were going through. We laughed a little to keep from crying and if this catastrophe has to be happening, I can’t think of a better group of people to be trapped in that foxhole with.

It’s been my privilege to be able to talk to you while we deal with this.


Jersey people take care of each other in a way that few do. We help each other and look after each other and if someone’s in need, we open our hearts, wallets and whatever else we can do because that’s who we are. While the whole world watches us deal with this, devastation, there’s a part of me that says” don’t worry, we’re Jersey, We got this!”

That’s the Jersey attitude part. That’s what’s inside us and that’s what will get us through.