He's a six year old boy from Garwood in my home county of Union.  It appears as though he has a tremendous future as a model.  OK, so what's the big deal?

His name is Ryan Langston.  Ryan will be modeling clothes in the summer catalog for Nordstrom's and is  appearing in advertisements for Target.  The thing is, this wonderful young man has Down syndrome.  I saw Ryan's story this past week on TV.  I was truly inspired.  So, in case you missed it, I wanted to pass it along to you.  It's really a testament that we can overcome a lot of the barriers we face in life.  Oh, by the way, when Ryan was three months old he had open heart surgery.  There are so many positives from this story.  It can reinforce the mindset of parents with special needs children that their child can lead not just a happy but also a productive and fulfilling life.  Kudos to Ryan's mom and dad, Jim and Amanda Langston and to Target and Nordstrom for their intelligence and foresight.  Maybe you have or know of a child with special needs.  If you do, pass along your story in the comment section below.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2087945/Ryan-Langston-Six-year-old-model-Downs-syndrome-changing-perceptions.html