It was back in a much simpler time – back in 1664 that a land grant was made to Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret to eventually form what we now know as the Garden State.

The two divided their holdings: one controlling a territory known as West Jersey, and the other East Jersey. Which, in a way, is still reflected in the cultural differences between North and South.

But despite the cultural differences – as one state 350 years later, we find ourselves at a crossroads.
Do we, as a state, have a future given the many challenges we face?

We’re still in the process of recovering from the worst storm to hit our shores in history.

We live in one of the most overtaxed states in the country with one of the highest rates in unemployment in the country.

We spend more money in 21 of the poorest school districts as mandated by our Supreme Court only to see little return in our investment.

So, in the words of the disco group, The Trammps: “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Yet the celebration has begun according to an article on MyCentral Jersey.

From the article, let's take those themes one at a time: innovation - perhaps; diversity - definitely; liberty - you've got to be kidding? Not with the way lawmakers are only too willing to draft more and more legislation.

So going forward, what do you see as the biggest problem facing New Jersey today?