More 90+ degree temperatures are expected through this weekend and early next week, under mostly to partly sunny skies.

Here are your weather headlines for Friday, July 31, 2015...

Heat & Humidity

With three consecutive day of 90+ degree temperatures (and counting), we made it an official heat wave yesterday at Newark and many other places across the Garden State.

On average, Newark experiences about 22 90+ degree days a year. So far in 2015, we've had 16. Today will likely be #17, and we'll potentially add up to 4 more days to that tally through the middle of next week. The record number of 90° days? 54, in 2010. So we're not even close to long-term record-breaking heat - in fact, this year doest even crack the Top 50 of the 117 years of record at Newark (1893-2015). We can thank the cool start to the summer season for that statistic.

An overnight cold front has delivered drier air to New Jersey, resulting in a much more comfortable morning for at least the northern half of the state. While the more manageable humidity levels will make for much more comfortable conditions, dry air does heat up faster than humid air. So with abundant sunshine today, temperatures will once again soar into the lower 90s this afternoon. You'll find some relief at the Jersey Shore, with highs in the lower 80s or so right at the beach.

We'll kick off the month of August on a hot note as well, with 90s expected for both days this weekend. Saturday and Sunday should feature an almost-perfect summer sky, ranging from mostly to partly sunny.

Your Weekend Forecast - Two Hiccups

Overall, this is going to be a hot but quiet weather weekend - for beach and pool lovers, you can't ask for much more than that. However, depending on your personal weather preferences, you might encounter two minor issues this weekend...

First, a stiff southwesterly breeze will kick up on Saturday, up to about 20 mph. On one hand, the wind will be a very good thing, keeping the hot air stirred up and moving. On the other hand, this land breeze will likely keep the sea breeze effect at bay. The ultimate result? It probably will NOT be "cooler at the shore" on Saturday... Yes, the heat will be felt at the beach too, potentially reaching 90 degrees on Saturday afternoon. Sunscreen and some icy cold beverages will be extra important this weekend.

Second, as a weak front passes through the state on Saturday evening, there is a chance for a few showers and sprinkles to pop up. Any rainfall action looks to remain isolated and light, so I wouldn't worry too much or change plans over these measly raindrops.

Any Cooldown in Sight?

The degree heat will continue into early next week, with 90+ degree temperatures in our forecast through at least Tuesday. Tuesday night, a front should sweep through with showers and thunderstorms, followed by the arrival of cooler and drier air. The timing is still up in the air since it's so far away... but just know the end of this heat wave is in sight!