New Jersey is suspending a computer software program that’s designed to catch tax cheats because it’s slowing down tax refunds to thousands of honest taxpayers.

Chris Hondros, Getty Images

“It has a software screening system that flags certain returns, but we discovered that the filters were too stringent initially, and we ultimately decided that the program was just not refined enough at this point to leave it in place,” said State Treasury spokesman Bill Quinn.

The software had initially flagged 22 thousand tax refunds, and taxpayers were told they had to submit additional identification information, including social security cards, pay stubs and W2’s.

Quinn says more than 10 thousand refund checks that had been delayed will be mailed out next week.

Last week on Townsquare Media's Ask the Governor show, Governor Christie said he was upset about the snafu, he apologized to State residents for the refund check delay, and vowed to shelve the program until it could be fixed.