Congratulations New Jersey, despite the jokes, we're pretty smart.


New Jersey ranks as the 5th smartest state in the nation, according to the

The rankings were based on comparing each state's percentage of residents with a bachelor degree.

34.5 percent of New Jersey residents graduated college with a college degree. Massachusetts, in comparison ranked the highest with 38 percent of residents having bachelor degrees.

While we may rank in the top 5, a caller brought up a good point to Jim. If we're so smart why do we keep electing the same politicians over and over again? The report says the NJ residents went to college, the study never said whether they took politics or not.

Here is the Street's full Top 10 list:

10. Minnesota

9. New Hampshire

8. New York

7. Vermont

6. Virginia

5. New Jersey

4. Conncecticut

3. Maryland

2. Colorado

1. Massachusets