October is National Pizza Month. As someone who is willing to go out of his way to find the best pizza in the tri-state area, this gives me an excuse for the next few weeks to pig out more than I usually would on my favorite food.

Earlier this week on the Deminski & Doyle Show, I had to defend my case for the best pizza in the world coming from New York, and more specifically, Staten Island. While I have found many good pizzerias in New Jersey since I've lived here, I've yet to find a place equivalent to what most Staten Island pizzerias produce. We had listeners call in and tell us where they thought had better pizza, and the results were almost even, but New Jersey edged out New York by a small margin.

In honor of National Pizza Month, I figured I would open up the question to you. Between New Jersey and New York, who makes better pizza? And which pizzeria is your favorite? I'm standing strong with my choice for New York pizza. I'm choosing Denino's and Joe & Pat's as my favorite and second favorite pizzerias.

Take our poll and share your picks in the comment section below.