Twenty-four-year-old Shanaya Coley went missing after leaving for her job Tuesday night. Blood and her glasses were found in the parking lot of her apartment complex. That evening someone called police to report a woman being stabbed and possibly put into the trunk of a car. This is terrifying and urgent case.

There has been some media coverage, but not enough to have everyone on alert to find Shanaya. My belief is because it happened in Paterson and because she is a woman of color. Typically these stories don't get the same coverage that a suburban white mom would. It just doesn't. We should all be concerned and looking to do whatever we can to help find out what happened and hopefully bring her back home safely. Understandably, her father is worried sick.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Sgt. Marco Aliano of the Passaic County Prosecutor's office at 862-849-6019 or the Paterson Police Department's Major Crimes Division at 973-321-1120.

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