Remember the old Saturday Night Live "Land Shark" routines? The ones where Chevy Chase dressed up as a shark and knocked on people's doors to get in?

We were amazed Kylie Moore and Joe Votruba, who were still several years away from being fetuses at the time, did. And more surprised they were game to recreate it.

We've got a really great staff.

But don't forget — there's some history behind the goofiness! One hundred years ago, in 1916, the Jersey Shore saw tragedy in a series of deadly shark attacks spanning six days.

We've learned a lot about sharks since then — including that, generally speaking, we're not on a shark's menu. But authorities do urge at least some caution, as sharks are often spotted at the Jersey Shore — and have been in the last week.

And in fact, one expert tells us sightings at the Jersey Shore are more likely this year.

If you practice common sense, you're probably safe. But if someone comes knocking at your door claiming to be a Candygram — or to be delivering a property tax break — it's probably best to keep it locked.

I mean, really — what are the chances of that in Jersey?


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