So Joe Flacco thinks playing the Super Bowl in New Jersey is retarded. This is how far the NFL game has come.

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images


Excuse me, wasn’t it the elements part of what sold football to the masses back in the day when the NFL needed to be sold to the masses? How many times have you heard Chris Berman on ESPN refer to the “frozen tundra of Green Bay”? If you’re too young, Google the “Ice Bowl,”which was played in 25 degrees below in 1967 in Green Bay when Bart Starr sneaked over Jerry Kramer to take the Packers their second straight Super Bowl.  Wasn’t this the same Joe Flacco who took his team into New England and beat the Patriots for the right to even get asked the question here at Super Bowl week?


As far as the fans go, I spent 30 years freezing my end zone off at Yankee Stadium, Yale Bowl, Shea Stadium, and then Giants stadium to watch a team that I didn’t see win until I was in my twenties. If fans don’t like the cold, why was there a 15 year waiting list to get tickets? Try to get a ticket in Green Bay, or even Cleveland for that matter. You just can’t.


This is the problem with the NFL today. First we worry about the concussions which the players knew they knew the risks when they signed up. Now the game we watch is so different than what we were brought up on and will continue to change. Even it’s own players worry about the future of the game.


Now we find the players don’t like the weather? I’m willing to bet if you took a poll, there are more than enough players in the NFL who would give anything to play in a Super Bowl if it were played in either in Siberia or the gates of Hell.

When it comes to football, Joe Flacco should let his play do his talking, because his mouth gets him in too much trouble. Although I’m picking the Ravens to win the Super Bowl this year, I don’t see a repeat which means Mr Flacco will be nice and toasty warm watching the Big Game next year.