New Jersey is the home of the most attractive women and least attractive men. The stats on our men and women are according to a new dating appwhich claims to know where the most and least attractive people are.

Clover, a dating app for smartphones similar in concept to Tinder or Grindr, believes that "mutual attractiveness" is the foundation of most successful relationships, which is why the company developed its own scoring system in order to find out where the most and least attractive people live in the United States.

Clover, after analyzing data from 500,000 users, placed New Jersey third on the list for most attractive women and 4th on the list for least attractive men. If you’re looking for the most attractive women you’d have to go to Connecticut, for a man that would be a trip to Montana for the most attractive women. Montana, ironically, is also the home of the least attractive men as well. The least attractive women reside in Mississippi.

How would you rate the attractiveness of men and women in New Jersey?