It’s been quite the winning weekend lottery-wise in New Jersey.  Friday night, in the Mega Millions drawing, New Jersey scored its fourth major lottery jackpot this year.

Filling out a Powerball card (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Then on Saturday night, a Jersey Powerball ticket hit for $1 million. The winning Mega Millions numbers were 2, 20, 26, 44 and 46, with a Mega Ball of 26, and the jackpot was worth $30 million for the annuity, about $20 million for the cash.

Nobody matched all the Powerball numbers -- 22, 28, 33, 53 and 59, with a Powerball of 14 – but it was New Jersey and Florida that camethe closest, missing only the Powerball, winning one million dollars each,  so Wednesday's jackpot will be worth $50 million for the annuity, $30.6 million for the cash.

These winners have continued what has been an unbelievable run of lottery luck in New Jersey, .

On May 23, Giuseppe “Joe” Garofalo claimed his half of the $198 annuity jackpot from the May 17 Mega Millions drawing. He bought his ticket at Kwik Farms in Tinton Falls, Monmouth County. He went for the lump-sum payout, worth $73.3 million before taxes. The other winning ticket was sold in Farmville, Va.

Coincidentally, another Joe from Tinton Falls won a major jackpot in March 2012, when Celeste and Joseph Tamburello were the only winners of a $70 million annuity jackpot in Powerball. They opted for the $43.5 million cash.

New Jersey had its biggest winner ever this March, as Pedro Quezada of Passaic hit a Powerball jackpot with an annuity worth $338.3 million and collected the cash, $211 million, less taxes.

In January, an $89 million Mega Millions jackpot was won by Angel Guallpa-Mayancela of Orange, Essex County, N.J. Could YOU be next? Hey, You never know.