The nominees were released today for the 2013 class of the New Jersey Hall Of Fame. Some of the notable nominees are Whitney Houston, Joe Pesci, Bill Parcells, Aaron Burr, and President Grover Cleveland. You can view all of the nominees here.

Deminski & Doyle want to know who you would select for the Hall Of Shame if there was one. It could be a a politician, a celebrity, or a type of person. For example, Jeff Deminski would induct the guy who threw a cigarette butt at his car last night.

Here are some nominations selected by our callers:

  • Jane in Glen Gardner - Jon Corzine.
  • Art in Somerset - People who drive behind you at night with their high-beams on.
  • Kathy in Forked River - People who don't get out of the way of first responders on the road.
  • Nick in Mount Olive - New Jersey Politician Joseph Cryan.
  • Wes in Keyport - People who call it Taylor Ham instead of Pork Roll.
  • Lauren in Gloucester County - The New Jersey Civil Service Commission.
  • Ryan on the Parkway - Cyclists who take over the road.
  • Greg from Phillipsburg - People who text while driving.
  • Bonnie in Abington - People who illegally park in handicapped spots.
  • Tim in Piscataway - People who leave shopping carts in the parking lot.

Who would your nominees be? Share your pick in the comment section below.