The South Jersey 15-year old girl, accused of attempted murder and arson for torching her own house in the middle of the night while her family was sleeping, has a date in family court today.

Gloucester County Assistant Prosecutor Janice Melfi says, "The court needs to determine whether she is still continuing to be a threat to herself or others. If the court does find that, it will detain her further…She would be evaluated, services provided, you know the whole gambit of psychological profiling would take place."

Melfi says at this point no motive has been established.

"If she was in this type of mental position at the time the fire was set, perhaps it is a continuing mental state…And also, there has to be placement for her in a safe environment. Now I know members of her family have been burned and injured, so there are questions about whether they are capable of taking her. Who would take her? Where would she go?"

Melfi adds that she thinks the juvenile is probably being held in isolation - she may be with others, but if so, she's being carefully watched.

The reaction to the crime has been "shock and dismay with many people in awe and gasping for what could have driven her to this…It's very astonishing what happened…The fact that her entire family was in this house, it's a very horrific situation and thank god no one has passed away from this and hopefully everyone will come out okay in the end."