It's 2018 and you can find anything anywhere, apparently.

My daughter now lives outside of Dallas, Texas and two weeks ago she found an "Eagles bar" near Dallas. There were plenty of South Jersey people there. She went there with a friend to watch the Super Bowl Sunday night and made it on the news!

Photo from Dennis Malloy

Oh, it was the Spanish-language news, and apparently the actual comment she gave the reporter wasn't fit for air, but she did manage to get on camera.

If you watch the whole clip here and fast forward to about 1:55 you can see her cheering at the bar with all of the other crazy Eagles fans far from home in Texas. If you want to find a "Giants bar" or "Jets bar" in just about any metropolitan area in the country, just go online and someone will steer you in the right direction.

She asked me if I would fly her home for the parade on Thursday. I told her she was in a bad cell and I couldn't hear her. She gave up after repeating it for the fifth time.

Photo from Dennis Malloy

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