Once again, New Jersey has been insulted. This time, in a list ranking the "best regional foodstuffs" from every state on Deadspin. New Jersey astonishingly came in at number 45. And for what? Salt water taffy. Are you kidding me?

Here is what Deadspin had to say about what is supposedly New Jersey's most notable food,

New Jersey's signature foodstuff is, quite literally, the result of a sarcastic ass---- offering flood-damaged candy to a small child. It is chewy misery to consume, tastes terrible, and contains virtually nothing that any intellectually honest use of the language would permit to be described as food. Salt water taffy is an unhappy accident consecrated to history by the Garden State's lack of literally anything else to claim as its own.

What about our blueberries which are crucial ingredients for New Jersey's incomparable blueberry pies? What about our tomato pizza? OR PORK ROLL! This is an absolute travesty.

What do you think is the best food from New Jersey? Share your thoughts in the comments below.