So I’m driving home Saturday night from my Sarcasm Comedy Club in Cherry Hill where I was joined by my good friend and colleague Ray Rossi. Feeling hungry, the first thing I do is stop off and get a bag of potato chips and iced tea, I thought about stopping and getting a bagel but I passed and then regretted it all the way up Rt 295.


If I had known then what I know now, I would definitely have gone steak egg and cheese. As I pass exit 8 on 195 in Allentown, listening to Don Tandler on the radio, I suddenly hear a loud THUMP!  Without realizing it, the front of my truck is pushed back, the drivers tire is completely off the rim. Steam is coming out of the engine, and I’m still driving and trying to figure out what happened!

I finally pulled over to the side of the road and another driver pulled up behind me to ask if I was all right and did I need him to call anyone for me. Still dazed, I asked him “What happened?” He then told me I hit a deer that came darting across the road that he narrowly avoided.  It’s one thing when the deer are hiding on the back roads of 524 and 571 etc, but you just don’t expect  them to be crossing a main drag like 195! Now I do.

My beautiful truck which had 272 thousand miles on it and has gotten me through thick and thin like an old reliable hunting dog is now in pieces in my driveway. The next decision is whether or not to deal with the insurance company. That would mean talking to a lizard about a deer that hit my old dog. So how was YOUR Memorial Day weekend?

Have you hit a deer in the great Garden State? Let us hear your story by commenting below.