A new campaign is underway to prevent prescription drug abuse in the Garden state.

U.S. Attorney for New Jersey Paul Fishman says the “Right Prescription for New Jersey” initiative is designed “to get parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of abusing prescription and over the counter medications, and second, to get parents and other adults to safeguard their medications and dispose of them properly when they’re no longer used.”

He says this is “a multi-media, public service campaign to make New Jersey parents aware of the dangers of prescription drug abuse and the steps they can take to protect their school-aged children.” One significant piece of our campaign is what we’re calling the Virtual Backpack – an icon that links to several resources on computers to the internet. The Backpack also contains a video testimonial by Meg Dupont Parisi – a New Jersey mother who lost her son to prescription drugs – she is an inspiring example of courage and resolve to end this tragedy.”

Fishman calls prescription drug abuse the fasting growing drug problem in America.

More information is available at AmericanMedicineChest.com.