By Jeff Deminski

Below is a better, longer version of the cell phone video of an Elizabeth police officer apparently punching a woman. The ACLU is now even mouthing off about this case. An internal investigation has been launched by the Elizabeth Police Department.

You can see a group of about a dozen people in the middle of a fight in the street outside of Club Envy. From that pack emerges a man in a white shirt with a black vest followed by a woman in a red dress who seems to be with him or at least knows him. Then the police officer who seems to have reason to believe this man was responsible for the street fight comes after him and puts him to the ground. Interfering with the officer, the woman in the red dress grabs at the cop. Notice the cop takes a step back trying to get her to stop grappling with him. She doesn't. What happens next is the subject of the "outrage".

Check out the video below.

In this context, an obviously belligerent man on the ground about to get back up, did the police officer do something wrong in hitting the woman?