SOUTH BRUNSWICK (AP) — Bail is set at $120,000 for a New Brunswick woman accused of using her 4-year-old daughter to steal a purse.

Nygeria Dixon (South Brunswick Police)

Nygeria Dixon is charged with child endangerment and theft.

South Brunswick police say the 24-year-old grabbed a shopping cart while a woman looked at greeting cards in a store last month. The woman's wallet was in the top section of the cart. Police say Dixon had her daughter take the wallet. Mother and daughter left the store with another woman.

The victim's credit cards were used minutes later at the Quaker Bridge Mall.

South Brunswuck Police Chief Raymond Hayducka in a statement credits the sharing of surveillance photos for finding Dixon. “The numerous calls we received were a direct result of the public outrage over the crime," said Dixon. The second woman has not been charged as the vehicle they left Target in was totaled in an accident a week later.

Bail for Dixon has been set at $120,000.

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