Bruce Springsteen is getting ready to release his latest album with the E Street Band  and a source tells the website Hollywood Reporter that Bruce is angry!

“He gets into economic justice quite a bit. “It’s very rock’n’roll. He feels it's the angriest album he's ever made. Bear in mind, though, that Bruce wrote and recorded the majority of the album before the Occupy movements started, so he's not just setting headlines to music.”

Executives from Columbia Records have been quoted that the album is "terrific" and other sources say the album as "an amazing sweep of influences and rhythms from hip-hop to Irish folk rhythms".
There is no official release date for Bruce's 24th album, but industry speculation suggests that the release may happen in March. The album will be supported by a world wide tour.  No dates have been announced for New Jersey or the United States just yet, but a list of dates has been announced for England and Europe.