Do you want to know which neighbor of yours owns a gun? Well, there's an app for that.

Dondi Tawatao, Getty Images

However, a new bill drafted by Assemblyman Dave Rible aims to ban any app or technology that lets users give out the information of gun owners.

The app in question, Gun Geo Marker, asks users to mark the location of suspected unsafe gun owners, including those who may not secure their weapon. Rible notes the information does much more harm than good, vilifying legal gun owners and creating a directory for would be burglars.

Rible points out, not only will it make the empty homes of gun owners targets for robbers looking for a quick buck, "sometimes the homes with no guns would be more vulnerable. So we're setting people up to be vulnerable to burglaries because if they don't have the guns they feel it's an easier target to hit."

The measure being drafted would make possession of the app or similar technology a fourth degree crime. In addition, those who are convicted of using the app during the commission of a crime would be subject to increased penalties, including mandatory prison sentences.

"If law enforcement arrests someone during the course of a burglary they can go right to their phone and if the app is downloaded then there will be a heavier penalty for using the app for gun finding information."

He notes the data on gun owners is only available to law enforcement who can distribute it to the public, and shouldn't be given out to everyone.

"There's no way we should be creating information or creating apps that makes these people the targets of crime and that's not fair. They're rightful gun owners and they should be protected."