Would you be more likely to drink if you knew you wouldn't have a hangover the next day? How about if you knew you could get drunk, take an antidote and minutes later be good to drive? These advances could happen sooner than later.

According to The Guardian, researchers have identified the various brain systems that alcohol impacts and how it impacts them. The researcher, David Nutt, posits that it should be possible, therefore, to use an alcohol substitute to target the parts of the brain systems that give the feeling of being relaxed and happy while not stimulating the systems that alcohol affects that are negative, like being aggressive and angry or addicted. Everyone would become a happy drunk.

Nutt says he has created these targeted compounds and they made him inebriated; he says he drank the antidote he created and was giving a lecture in mere minutes, sober as the proverbial judge. He says he's now ready for the testing phase of his research. If he has, indeed, invented a compound that mimics the effects of alcohol with no chance of a hangover and an antidote that makes the brain go back to normal in minutes, he's going to be a rich, rich man.