How angry would you be if what happened to 3-year-old Dion Burton happened to your child? 

Bambu Productions, Getty Images

Klarr Transit in Lakewood handles the bus transportation for the school district in Neptune, NJ.  The township requires pre-schoolers are to be turned over to a parent or guardian at the point which they're dropped off.  If no parent or guardian shows up for whatever reason, the child is to be taken back on the bus, brought back to the school and emergency contact numbers are to be called.

What's being reported in the case of this 3-year-old boy, is that the bus pulls up, sees a number of parents waiting for their kids, and the bus aide released Dion to the side of the road just assuming his parent was probably among them.  They left him there.  With no one. You can view News 12's report in the video below.

Dion's mom and dad had a scheduling foul up, each thinking the other one was there to get the boy.  It was thanks to a good Samaritan that recognized Dion and took him to his house that he's okay.  An older sister was home and was shocked to find out he had been dropped off so recklessly.

I drive my kids to school in the morning and their sitter picks them up at school in the afternoon.  Because of my work schedule I'm able to do this.  If I had to put them on a bus, frankly I'd be worried.  I hear too many stories like this in this state.  Either people with a driving record who shouldn't have the job or of a child falling asleep on the bus and drivers and aides not checking so the child wakes up alone in a bus yard somewhere.  I hope whoever did this to Dion never drives a bus again.