If you know there’s going to be a sobriety checkpoint somewhere down the road you’re traveling, you can do a number of things.

Avoid that road if you hate getting pulled over and you may have been drinking.

Continue down that road if you haven’t been drinking and have nothing to worry about.

Designate a driver if you plan on drinking and you know police have set up a checkpoint down your route.

Or do what this driver did:

Generally sobriety checkpoints are listed in advance, and usually in the paper and on social media.
How many of us, unless we follow the police on social media or in the news, really pay attention to the location of sobriety checkpoints?

Quick answer: none.

And generally when I drive at night, if I know there’s a checkpoint up ahead, I tend to avoid them if I can.

I’m not a fan of getting pulled over.

Nobody that I know is.

However if it keeps a few idiots off the road who may have been drinking, can you argue with the policy?
(Obviously you can by checking out the above video.)

But do you feel the cops did anything wrong by pulling over nearly 200 concert goers after the Luke Bryan show Sunday night (6/1) at the PNC Bank Arts Center?


Here’s the official release from the State Police from their website:


State Police To Conduct DWI Checkpoint

Holmdel Township, N.J. - On Sunday, June 1, 2014, the New Jersey State Police will conduct a DWI sobriety checkpoint of vehicles exiting the country music concert that is being held at the PNC Arts Center.

Beginning at 8 p.m., troopers will be stopping vehicles entering the southbound portion of the Garden State Parkway in Holmdel Township. The objective of the sobriety checkpoint is to reduce the number of crashes due to impaired driving. Troopers stopping cars will be looking for signs of impairment due to alcohol or drugs.

If you plan on drinking alcohol at this Sunday’s country music concert, make sure that you have a designated driver. Don’t risk getting behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking. It’s not worth getting arrested, hurting yourself, or hurting someone you love. Plan ahead and enjoy the concert safely.

And just to update the story from this morning from nj.com:

None of the 193 motorists stopped at a DWI checkpoint set up by State Police following Sunday night's country music concert at PNC Bank Arts Center were arrested, authorities said today.

State Police made one disorderly persons arrest after a man allegedly interfered with troopers working the checkpoint after the Luke Bryan show, though.