Audio of calls made to 911 following the crash of  a Navy jet into an apartment complex in Virginia Beach has have been released.

Meanwhile, residents of the Virginia apartment complex whose homes were damaged or destroyed in the crash of a Navy jet last week have started picking up government checks to help them pay for food, clothing and housing over the next couple of weeks.

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Dozens of apartment units were destroyed or evacuated Friday after the jet struck the complex in Virginia Beach. It had just taken off from a nearby naval air station. Several people were injured, but nobody was killed, as residents fled burning and damaged homes with few belongings.


Fire officials today helped those who lived in undamaged homes retrieve medications and critical documents. Vehicles that had been towed away from the complex were being returned.

The Navy says the crash was caused by a mechanical malfunction. A detailed investigation is ongoing. Normal flight operations resumed today at the air station.

Many residents spent the weekend with family and friends, and aren't sure what they will do for long-term housing.

One 79-year-old woman says her apartment wasn't destroyed, but she's not sure if she'll be able to return to it. Joanie Coleman says she's thinking of moving to Illinois, where her daughter lives, though she'd rather stay in Virginia Beach.