Money is being raised across the country today to help New Jersey's Superstorm Sandy victims.

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Over 2,000 restaurants nationwide are participating in National Dine Out Day, a fundraiser created by First Lady Mary Pat Christie to raise money for the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

"National Dine Out Day is a concept we came up with to not only raise money for Hurricane Sandy New Jersey relief, but also to remind people that there are still folks that are suffering and trying to rebuild.  There's still a lot of work to be done and it's easy to forget," said Christie.

The participating restaurants have the option of donating 15 to 50 percent of today's revenues to the fund.

Christie said they wanted to get restaurants from around the country involved because some of the donations to the relief fund have come from out-of-state donors.

"Those people that are far away, ironically, care as much about what's going on in New Jersey, and trying to help the victims.  So we reached out all across the country," said Christie.

To date the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund has raised over $37 million from 28,000 donors.  The money is used for financial education, business development, gap funding and mental health services.

To find a participating restaurant, click here.