We received an email for a listener last night who just wanted to vent. It was an entire list of things that they hate, for one reason or another. Wait until you see some of the things listed.

  • Okra. It's hairy, and seems predigested.
  • People who fail to signal when making a turn at a light because it negates me the opportunity to switch lanes as proactive measure while they wait to turn as all oncoming traffic passes.
  • Dental cavities.  Man on the moon, no problem. Real time chat with someone in East Timor, no problem... Protective enamel to prevent tooth decay, not invented yet. What a racket.
  • People who make up words like: Snowpocalypse, sharenting or ginormous.

There were more, but those were just a few highlights. We decided we would like to see more of our listeners vent. What are some things that really grind your gears? It could be anything.

I would have to put the Boston Red Sox, long lines and Sunny Delight towards the top of my list for one reason or another. Especially Sunny Delight because when I was younger I swore it tasted delicious. Whenever I have it now I want to gag.

Go ahead, rant. Let us know what you hate in the comment section below.