It’s not all that uncommon to catch someone every now and then walking around naked in a crowd.
I say “not all that uncommon” because it seems to be happening more and more.

Just yesterday in downtown Irvington, a naked man was spotted walking around in the middle of a crowded street stopping traffic and causing onlookers to take out their cameras to film the event.

At one point the naked man boards a stopped NJ Transit bus in the middle of the street and attacks the bus driver.

A nude man stopped traffic outside the Magic Sneaker on Springfield Avenue in Irvington, New Jersey, yesterday, boarding a NJ transit bus and striking its driver before strolling back out into the middle of the road.

YouTube user DEON LARK captured the incident, which picks up around the 0:50 mark. "Excuse me," DEON LARK says as he brushes past people on the sidewalk, eager to get a shot of the naked man.
The police arrive, and passersby say that he is detained.

"This was an unruly customer, and he was removed by the police," said Nancy Snyder, a spokeswoman for NJ Transit. Snyder added that the driver was not injured, and continued his route.

A press representative from the Irvington Police Department has not returned a request for comment.
A Google search for "Naked man bus New Jersey" yields approximately 2,550,000 results.

A couple of questions here:

First and foremost, why does the bus driver open the door for the obviously naked man? It seems quite apparent he’s got no carfare on him.

Why, when the driver is being attacked, doesn’t anyone try to stop the naked man from attacking the bus driver? (Perhaps the answer is obvious!)

And according to the story, once the incident ends, the driver continues on his route. I don’t know that I would have been able to do so after that.

Interesting to note too how the NJT spokesperson identifies the naked man as an “unruly customer”.

Unruly intruder would have been more like it.

Have you ever had any brushes with nudity – and would you have tried to stop the guy from attacking the bus driver?