Accents are a funny thing and can elicit a number of responses. Annoying, sexually arousing, pleasing, etc.

So when it comes to accents, which are the ones that stick out in your head?

British? Could be educated, perhaps pretentious. (Think Madonna – nobody from Michigan talks like that!)

Russian? May sound harsh to some, but I think sexy, probably going back to my love of Boris and Natasha cartoons. (“Boh-reeess!”)

North Jersey? Working class, perhaps a bit low class, depending on who’s talking. Like say, Drea DiMatteo in “The Sopranos.” (Chris-tah-FAH!)

South Jersey? Like nails on a blackboard. (Think Steve Sweeney!)

According to a recent survey done by a popular dating site and picked up by Reddit, users picked the New Jersey accent as among the 5 sexiest.

Hard for me to believe. I mean, after all, there are so many variations of the Jersey accent, as stated above.

The New Jersey accent is ranked 5th on a list of sexiest accents in North America, according to a survey conducted by the dating site.

Seven percent of the site's users said a guy or girl with a Jersey accent makes them weak at the knees.

Ahead of Jersey are accents from the South, New York, West and New England, respectively.

Here is the complete list:
1.) Southern
2.) New York – 16.5 percent
3.) Western – 13 percent
4.) New England – 10.5 percent
5.) New Jersey – 7 percent
6.) Canadian – 7 percent
7.) Midwestern – 5.5 percent
8.) Mid-Atlantic – 4 percent

Several Reddit users have left their thoughts in the Jersey section. Here is what a couple users had to say:


I've heard from several different folks from the other side of the pond that we have the sexiest accent out of all American accents. They all say relatively the same thing: our accent makes us sound tough.

We don't have accents, only other states do...

They survey was conducted among over 2,000 men and women.

They’re right about one thing – Southern is probably the one most sexy. Jersey? Not so much.

But if you’re going to go foreign, my vote’s Russian.
(Always had a fascination with Natasha.)

Some things just never change.

If you had to rate who’s accent is sexiest, which region of the country or the world would you pick as sexiest, most annoying, or the one you’d love to have?