Each week we feature two Dennis and Judi cuties and you will determine the winner by casting your vote! Here is this week’s battle between Myrna in Rahway vs Stacy in Long Branch.    First up in this week's Cutie battle is Myrna from Rahway:


Here is a little information about Myrna:

I am a single mother of 5, currently a full time student majoring in Accounting. My weekends consist of football, football, and more football; having 3 sons that have played for years!


Next up is her opponent, Stacy in Long Branch:


Here is some information about Stacy:

An extreme party girl loving my life and everyone in it. Working in the medical industry can be stressful emotionally, so I have quite the list of hobbies - Sky diving, Scuba diving, motorcycle riding, traveling, ice climbing, skiing, hiking, biking, and my favorite going to the beach! A true jersey shore girl here!


Now it is your time to cast your vote and decide who exactly is the Dennis and Judi Cutie of the week. Cast your vote before 10 am on Friday October 26th.

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