There’s nothing like seeing your child up on stage performing! Be it in Big Joe’s Jersey Talent Show or at a local competition or live event.

My 9-year-old son has been taking drum and guitar lessons for the past year at Stibol Music. Last week, these lessons paid off when he got to compete in his school’s talent show. The song he chose to accompany on drums was Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.” Since each student was allowed only two minutes, we had to edit it down.

What’s really special about Albert playing this in front of more 100 people in the audience is that he has stage fright. He coped with that by just intensely looking at the drums and concentrating on the task at hand. Check out his game face on this video.

Albert has also learned “Twist and Shout” on guitar and hopes to be playing it on stage with the B Street Band this summer (all I have to do is tell the B Street Band).

What special talent does your child have that you are enjoying watching grow? Tweet us @nj1015 and @realstevetrev with a photo or a link to a video of your kid doing what he or she does best.

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