Over the years Bill Doyle and I have coined the phrase "cringe injury." It's an injury that just in the re-telling can induce a cringe-like response, the shivers, the willies, etc..

The most extreme examples of this would be along the lines of the Joe Theismann injury, or Kevin Ware's injury playing for Louisville. WARNING: Both of those links are NSFW due to the graphic nature of the injuries.

My sister-in-law Kelly's cringe injury didn't involve football or basketball, but rather moving a 70 pound television. Imagine something weighting 70 pounds falling from your hands straight onto your foot with your big toe taking the entire impact. The nail shattered instantly and came entirely off the nail bed. Blood spurting everywhere. Bruising was instantaneous. Stitches were required. Miraculously the toe wasn't broken but everything else was.

If you're brave enough to see a picture of this Toe Horror this Halloween season, start scrolling down.

Keep scrolling, but be warned this is graphic.














Keep scrolling for a toe so nasty it will cure any foot fetishist...



























Voila! This is what happens when you drop a 70 pound television on your big toe!

Jeff Deminski photo

What is your most cringe worthy injury story? Share your story in the comment section below.