Its the social event of the year in my neighborhood!

My tractor is first on the line at 12:30. Where's the starting line? (Craig Allen photo)

On Memorial Day Weekend (Sunday) each year, many neighbors live to hear the words: "Ladies and Gentlemen...Start your Engines!"

Here comes the starting line! (Craig Allen photo)

You really haven't lived until you experience the sound of about 30 lawn tractors starting at the same time!

Deafening? That's a word for it!

Taking the tractor out on a "dry run" this morning.... (Craig Allen photo)

Race Time is set for about 5:30.....

The pool is ready for the kids! (Craig Allen photo)

In the meantime, the pre-race party is about to start (3:00).

I will try to update this article with a few more photos as the afternoon progresses...

The race trophy...who will take it home this year? Note the microphone and 101.5 clip... from a few years ago, when I won! (Craig Allen photo)

Full race coverage photos, and the final results and winner pictures will be posted here at nj101.5  tomorrow afternoon!

By the way...if you LIVE in my neighborhood...and still need a tractor...

If you have the $...(Craig Allen photo)

...the BIG "hardware store" will sell you a new one...if you have the $$...there's still time!