PSE&G is making a bundle off of my neighbors "FedEX Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" this month!


Merry Christmas in LIGHTS at Bob's place! (Craig Allen photo)

The (friendly) Christmas Lights Display competition is on...nightly!

FedEX Pat's best for 2012...from one angle. (Craig Allen photo)


"Straight On" view. (Craig Allen photo)
Pat's lights from the other angle. (Craig Allen photo)

As I have stated in earlier photo/article installments, once Pat puts up his display, it doesn't change.

"Cornershow Bob" from the road. (Craig Allen photo)

Bob just keeps adding...

Santa and his "landing strip!" (Craig Allen photo)


The manger. (Craig Allen photo)
Cornershow Bob from the side. (Craig Allen photo)
(Craig Allen photo)
Looking good, Santa! Bob Williams is in the "Santa Tracking Station" to talk you in! (Craig Allen photo)

Each Christmas season, Bob and Pat bring my neighborhood...

JOY! (Craig Allen photo)

Merry Christmas to one and all!