It may not be the prettiest planet Saturn ever built, but it's his. My 8 year old boy was assigned a presentation to be made in class today of Saturn. Part of the assignment was to somehow show the planet. He chose to make a model. My only involvement was to take him to the store to buy the supplies and then in the end help him work some of the wiring into the trickier spaces to attach the ring.

Other than that it was all him. Now I know many parents are big on working on most if not all their kids' projects themselves to ensure a better grade. I'd honestly rather him get a real C for his own effort than an A for letting dad do it all. I remember my own dad always making me look up the meaning of a word I'd ask him about instead of just telling me what it means. When I asked why he said because if you go through the act of physically looking up a word yourself I think you're much more likely to remember the definition. So hopefully dad would have approved of his grandson's less than perfect planet.