By Jeff Deminski

It's been awhile. I spent the weekend at the Jersey shore. Specifically Seaside Heights. I wondered what it would be like to go back there, a place I've gone my whole life, in the post-Sandy era. I was both happy and sad with what I saw. Happy that most boardwalk business is up and running. Most everywhere you would never even know something had happened. The barkers, the ticking wheels, the smell of cholesterol in the air. The signs for cold beer and body piercing. I was even thrilled to see the big goofy giant that always reminded me of Madd magazine's Alfred E. Neuman still proudly held his sentry position atop the old roof top mini golf.

It was sad to see the southern end of the boardwalk still under construction. Sadder, still to see that spot on the more northern pier where the Jet Star roller coaster once towered. It's open there, the rides are back. Just the absence of that icon ride hurts your heart when it was a fixture your entire life. Saddest of all though, was to see there was too much room on the boardwalk. Too easy to walk around. Too many booths open in the restaurants for a hot sunny Sunday afternoon. Too many open bar stools.

I'm going back again Thursday night. I'm going to try to make it to Point Pleasant before the season ends too. Good people who own businesses are not only vital to the New Jersey economy but to the fabric of the Jersey culture. If you haven't been to the Jersey shore since Sandy, please go. It's been awhile.