OK, I'm exaggerating by the title of this article and accompanying picture and video. :-) My son's 4th grade class trip yesterday was to mine for fossils from a creek, of which I was a chaperone, turned out to be so outside of my comfort zone, it was laughable. You would THINK a driving, pouring rainstorm would cancel this little expedition, but no, so sliding down a hill all of us went, already drenched to the bone, & now getting absolutely covered in huge amounts of mud as we waded into what had basically become a raging river rapid. :-)

That half-hour felt like a whole day. But, hey, we found some really cool....uh..rocks, which we put into a baggie! Meantime, I'm half-expecting to hear the theme from "Deliverance". Did I mention the changing out of these disgustingly dirty clothes in a tiny bathroom filled with puddles of muddy water? Oh yeah, we had a day to remember, alright. But, still, it was a great memory my son & I will always share (& his teacher was absolutely wonderful, for the record).

This video may be a little exaggerated but basically sums up our trip for those that weren't there.

So, it's class trip season. Tell us about YOUR trips, either taken or chaperoned, present & past. Leave a comment below.