My latest burger stop was in Asbury Park at the Brickwall Tavern on Cookman Ave. It was pretty busy on a Saturday at 12:30, but we got seated no problem and the service, as it has been at every stop, was fine.

I ordered the Port Wine Cheddar Burger, which had been recommended to me. I ordered it medium and that’s the way it came, but the Port Wine Cheddar was overpowering, making it difficult at first to taste the burger. What I did taste of the burger was not very special; it had a nice char to it, but the grilled flavor had a unpleasant aftertaste, almost fake-tasting. The burger was definitely not juicy; I don’t need juice running down my forearms, but a little juice is nice. It did not measure to the last few I’ve tried, and I doubt I would return.