New Jersey gets its share of bad press, but you gotta give us this: We're a colorful bunch.

The arts scene all over New Jersey is more vibrant and thriving than it is in any of those self-described "more civilized" (and less smelly) states.

Case in point: Asbury Park and its legendary club, The Saint. The Saint's been around long enough for me to remember going there when I was young and it continues to support and encourage young indie musicians. It's an asset to Asbury park's flourishing music, arts and cultural environment, and I was there last night with my husband, kids, and a sea of 24 year olds.

I have a love/hate relationship with my son's type of music, but last night at the Saint, He and his bandmates of Secret Mountain did Asbury Park and The Saint proud.

Just wish I had worn earplugs.

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