Cue the music. Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" plays as our battle of the fleece begins.

When Sandy hit, Gov. Christie and his fleece jacket seemed inseparable. On SNL, the joke was literally. "It's basically fused to my skin at this point," Christie told Seth Meyers. The fleece became almost as iconic as the Jet Star roller coaster sitting in the Atlantic after Sandy.

So when Wednesday's nor'easter came along and Gov. Phil Murphy began showing up in places wearing his own fleece one couldn't help but compare and wonder. Police sources say Murphy's was a 5.11 Tactical brand of fleece. Did he do this on purpose? Was he trying to copy the fleece to invoke the same feeling of confidence and leadership as Christie demonstrated in the aftermath of Sandy? Or did it just pair really well with those fancy-ass sneakers he keeps wearing?

Lots of questions. Few answers. But much like Eminem made rap battles famous in "8 Mile" it's time we had a fleece battle. Who wore it better? Here's a side by side so you can judge and vote.

Left: Phil Murphy, Flickr, Edwin J. Torres/Governor's Office. Right: Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

Now let's be fair in scoring this. We're not interested in who handled a crisis better. There are plusses and minuses to be had for both. Remember that blizzard in 2010 when Christie took so much heat for not canceling his Disney vacation? But then his handling of Sandy became the pinnacle of his time in Trenton. Then there's Murphy who chose not to declare a state of emergency with the first nor'easter on Friday and took criticism for it. A second nor'easter hitting only days letter offered him quick redemption. He was much more of a presence. And oh, that fleece! So that's what this comes down to. A man and his fleece. So we ask you New Jersey, who better rocks their fleece?

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