In 2007 there was a horrific Newark schoolyard killing. Four victims were surrounded by six young men, who pulled out two guns, a machete, and a steak knife. They were shot execution style and three of those four victims died.

One of the assailants was Jose Carranza, an illegal immigrant, who then sexually assaulted the lone surviving victim Natasha Aeriel, and an accomplice admitted Carranza slashed her with a steak knife across her neck as she screamed out in pain. He was convicted. A year before the killings, he had been arrested on child rape and released on bail.

Fast forward to this week when Kim Guadagno put out an ad which shows a clip of a town hall from a month ago in which Phil Murphy is asked about Jose Carranza and whether his plans for a sanctuary state would report someone like Carranza to the federal government at the point of arrest, or only at the point of conviction. Watch the tv ad for Murphy's shocking answer of, "The field is so tilted against bias is gonna be toward having their back."

The ad says Phil Murphy is dangerous for New Jersey. Is this Murphy's Willie Horton moment? Murphy released an official statement on the ad Wednesday calling it "vile and deceitful." Judge for yourself. Rather than only watching Kim Guadagno's ad, also watch the video of last month's town hall and hear the whole question asked and Murphy's entire answer.

So Murphy will no doubt argue when he said his bias is going to be toward having the backs of dreamers, he was speaking of all illegal immigrants as a whole. He'll argue that he was not referring to the specific case of a Jose Carranza. And he would be correct in making that argument. Yet he couldn't answer the question, and meandered saying he would have to think about that and get back with an answer at some later time.

Think about this?!

He's talking about someone who was already known to be in violation of law by being in this country illegally from Peru. Someone who was arrested a year prior for child rape. Why would you struggle to find an answer for this specific threat? Phil Murphy is telling us that confronted with this exact scenario, a known illegal arrested for raping a child, and then arrested again for the schoolyard killings, he can't tell us flat out that yes he would notify the feds of this creep. We're not talking deportation here. That has to come from the federal government. We're only talking whether to notify the feds and let them decide what to do. And Phil Murphy struggled to answer that question. Very disturbing. I see nothing out of line with Guadagno's ad because clearly Phil Murphy is dangerous for New Jersey if he has no immediate gut instinct on such a matter.

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