A former New Jersey teacher and her parents are being sent to prison for their roles in the 2010 murder of the teacher's ex-husband and an attempt to also have his mother killed.

Kathleen Dorsett received 58 years for murder, disturbing human remains and attempted murder at a hearing Thursday in Freehold.

Her father, Thomas Dorsett, was sentenced to 45 years for murder and arson for hire.

Lesley Dorsett, Kathleen Dorsett's mother, received seven years for murder conspiracy.

Thomas Dorsett admitted clubbing Stephen Moore in the head and choking him outside his daughter's Ocean Township home. He also hired someone to set fire to a car in which he and his daughter had stuffed the body.

Lesley Dorsett and her daughter later conspired to kill Moore's mother to keep her from getting custody of Kathleen Dorsett's daughter.

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