The forecast today is a difficult one with how much, if any rain, gets to New Jersey.

I think they'll be some coming up along the coast that will get into southern and coastal counties.  How far inland it makes it is open to much debate.

I don't think the western and northwestern-most counties will see any rain or showers at all.

It will be much cooler with cloud cover, limiting sunshine, and high temperatures just in the 70s.

A few showers are possible for part of tonight, especially closer to the coast with most lows in the 60s, but a few 50s possible again in NW Jersey.

Becoming partly sunny and warmer Friday with highs in the low to middle 80s, 70s at the beach.

Saturday looks fine with just the chance of a late shower or thunderstorm, but some sunshine and humid again.

Shower and a thunderstorm seem likely for Sunday.

Weekend highs will be in the 80s, cooler at the water.  Ocean water temperatures have risen to the low 70s now.

Our Tropical Storm Dorien, which is 700 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands, is turning west-northwest bound at 15 miles per hour.  The highest winds are 60 miles per hour.

It could be in the Bahamas by early next week.  We'll be watching.