The mother of an autistic teenager who drowned during a school swimming class is laying the groundwork for a lawsuit.


Burlington County Special Services School in Westampton (6 ABC)

Yolanda Toole has filed legal papers asking to preserve the evidence related to her son's death at Burlington County Special Services School in Westampton according to the Courier-Post.

“The matter is being handled ... through the legal system to make sure all the evidence is preserved, protected and turned over to us immediately,” Toole’s attorney, Louis J. DeVoto, told the newspaper..

Toole believes her 16-year-old son Isaiah, who she says could not swim, was left alone on November 1 during an acquatics class and drowned.  She is also filing a wrongful death suit seeking monetary damage from both the Westhampton school district and Burlington County.

The Burlington County Prosecutor's Office has called the death accidental. Earlier, Toole told the Courier-Post she needs some answers and has not had any communication with police following his death. “We just want some answers, an idea of what happened, but we have nothing,” Toole told the paper. “It just leaves us to wonder and come up with our own theories, which isn’t helpful.”