Given the number of “luring’ incidents we hear about on a fairly regular basis, one has to wonder is this would really constitute the crime of “luring”.

I’d like to know if you’d charge these kids with a crime…or if this is merely a prank…which is what it sounds like to me!

Charges are pending against three teens accused of playing a prank on young children in Pennsville, according to authorities.

Police said Tuesday the prank involved the teens playing Mr. Softee music through stereo speakers of a light blue truck to gain young children's attention.

Police were made aware of the incident after being called Monday at 6:35 p.m. to an area near Mahoney Road. A parent had called police to alert them about the incident.

According to police, the vehicle was driven by a 17-year-old male. Also in the vehicle were two 16-year-old passengers, police said.

All three parents of the teens were contacted after the incident and advised of the situation, according to police.

Authorities said there was no evidence that the children were called over to the vehicle during the incident, which led to rumors that someone was trying to lure children in the township.

Again, one has to take “luring” incidents seriously.

But, I’m guessing in the minds of most of the members of the Rossi Posse…this one has to go down as a prank with no….repeat…no charges pending!

And I would think that police would see it that way too...but then again, we've all lost whatever sense of (Good) humor we had.

(See how I went there!)