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3) Since I work in a gym, and perhaps you’ve started working out, what are some of the biggest pet peeves you have at the gym.

6) At what age did you you’re your first drink…and what was the first thing you drank? Turns out there’s a binge drinking problem among teens in Hunterdon County.

7) Have you ever, in any way, altered, or to use the vernacular, douched anyone’s food, or have you ever have your food altered? A Branchburg man is suing the Copper Hill Country Club after a couple of its members gave him a pot brownie which gave him an adverse reaction.

8) Is it worth paying the 7 percent sales tax on anything that you buy through Amazon just so we can another 700 jobs to come into the state? And, by the way, is your job leaving the state?

9) Do you feel this one English teacher was being unpatriotic by stomping on an American Flag in front of his English class just to prove a point?

10) iPod shuffle tonight at 10 for a shot for you to win tickets to the Sarcasm Comedy Club in Cherry Hill for any Saturday night show in the month of January.

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