Monday's high temperatures reached as warm as 71 at Newark-Liberty Airport and as cool as 66 in Trenton.

That was basically on par with what we expected to happen.

Today, skies should become partly to mostly sunny during the course of our Tuesday with highs around 70 or so, and maybe just enough breeze to notice.  But, not as much as yesterday.

Some clear skies for the night ahead with some lows in the 40s.  I'm trying once again for a few 30s from the Pine Barrens in South Jersey to the Northwest corner of the state.  But, right near the ocean, it will be only be in the low 50s tomorrow morning.

Some sun and arriving clouds for tomorrow, maybe a late shower, in the 60s, but cooler along the coast.

It looks like we'll have, at least, the chance of some rain or a drizzle Thursday in the 60s away from the ocean.

It may be showery again on Friday.

The weekend remains to be seen.  There could be an okay Saturday morning with some showers in the afternoon.

Sunday looks okay regardless.