High temperatures yesterday made it to 83 in Atlantic City and Teterboro, so my 83 to 84 worked out almost perfectly.

The normal high is 71 or 72.

We'll be well into the 70s today with mostly sunny skies.  In fact, an 80 is not impossible, but I just said mid to upper 70s, but much cooler along the coast today, regardless.

Some clouds may be around tonight with lows mainly in the 50s.

Now, the weekend is a tough call.

One of the models has not much in the way of rainfall or showers at all, while another one has showers beginning tomorrow afternoon and well into Sunday.

I just went with some clouds around tonight and most lows in the 50s.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy with a shower possibly developing in the afternoon anytime. Highs in the low 70s, but cooler near the ocean.

I have a 12:30 golf outing tomorrow that I want to get in, but I'm not necessarily guaranteeing myself that we won't have any showers.  It is a possibility, though.

Some occasional showers seem more likely for Sunday.

Enjoy your weekend.