High temperatures yesterday reached the 60s to near 70 with one exception, Sussex reached 75.

I didn't anticipate that, but it was due to some higher elevation there.

Beyond any early patchy clouds, we're looking for sunshine generally returning today with a brisk wind developing and highs in the 60s.  I think that's all we'll do.  We'll be in the much cooler 50s along the coast with that brisk wind off the ocean.

I'm mentioning some clear skies tonight, but I didn't mention some patchy clouds which could be along the south coast and spread inland in South Jersey.  It's a possibility.  Lows will be in the 40s, 30s possible in the coldest spots.

Saturday should be sunny back in the 60s, 50s again tomorrow along the coast.

No worse than partly sunny Sunday with highs in the low to middle 60s, but 50s near the ocean.

It looks like some rain or showers may be in the cards at some point early next week.